The API development server has been decommissioned as of Feb 2018.

The information is provided below for historical purposes.

We provide 4 APIs below: 

  • NUS WiFi Access Point Query API

Returns the location of the NUS WiFi Access Point based on the scanned WiFi mac address etc search. (accurate to the room level)

API Input API Output
WiFi Router Numbers, Mac Address, Signal Strength

(e.g. number=1&mac0=XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX&strength0=-80)

Room code of the nearest room to the queried WiFi Router (in XML and JSON format)

(e.g. E4-06-11)


    • NUS Rooms Information Query API

Returns the room name, department of the room based on the room code search

API Input API Output
Room Code

(e.g. name=e4-08-20)

Full name of the department or building (in XML and JSON format)

(e.g. staff room, Faculty of Engineering)


    • NUS Department Rooms Query API

Returns all the room information belongs to the department based on the name of the department search

API Input API Output
Department Name

(e.g. name=Office%20of%20Quality%20Management)

Room code of all the rooms belong to the department  (in XML and JSON format)

(e.g. UHL-02-01E, Office; UHL-02-01D, Office; etc… )


    • NUS Building&Department Acronym Query API

Returns the full name of the building or department based on the acronym name search

API Input API Output
An Acronym Name

(e.g. name=cit)

Full name of the department or building (in XML and JSON format)



    • NUS Bus Routes Query API

Returns the route information for the NUS internal shuttle bus based on the bus no search.

API Input API Output
Bus no, Format of output

(e.g. format=xml&bus=a1)

Bus routes details (in XML and JSON format)

(e.g. “PGP Terminal”, “LT 13”, “AS 7”, etc… )


If you want to know how to use those APIs, please visit our NUS internal wiki page (You need the NUS Email ID/Password to Login) for more information.